Working from Home with Your Toddler

I had a call with a mother last week, who was desperate for advice because she and her partner were struggling to work from home while caring for their 18-month old son. Here are a few ideas we spoke about: Routines Young children thrive on predictability and routine, both of which help them to feel safe and secure. With everybody together at home 24/7, it can be easy to let routines slide. This is understandable. But sticking to familiar routines will give your toddler something reliable to hold onto, when other aspects of life may be feeling strange and unfamiliar. Following your usual meal, bath and bedtime schedules will be helpful too, for your child and for you. Connect During Caregiving Bathing, diapering, dressing and mealtime are all opportunities for you to connect with your toddler and to refill his emotional fuel tank. Connect through touch, eye contact, a gentle, reassuring voice and warm cuddle. This can go a long way toward easing any emotional discomfort your child may be feeling and can help to reduce your stress level, too. Do your best to commit to giving full, 100% attention to your child during caregiving activities. Clear your calendar, close [...]