Take Time to Refill Your Cup

A mother of two young children wrote to ask me for some ideas to help her through these challenging times. Here are a few thoughts I shared: Taking care of your own needs is a smart strategic parenting move because when you put everyone else’s needs before your own, at some point, you’re likely to become resentful or angry. But when you get into the habit of taking time for you each day, it will boost your physical and emotional reserves, increasing the likelihood that you can be more patient and available to your children. Taking care of your own needs is not just good for you; it's good for the whole family.   Solitude. Now that we’re home-bound, finding solitude is challenging, and needed now more than ever. Consider how and where you can find some alone time each day. Make a plan with your partner for each of you to have alone time while the other cares for your children. This is YOU time, to do whatever you choose to help you decompress and to restore yourself. You may want to meditate, exercise, take a nap, have a bath, read a book, or Face Time with a friend. [...]