• Love and attention and cell phones

    I'll never forget sitting at Fairway Cafe in New York early one Saturday morning. As I waited for my breakfast to arrive, I watched a sad scene play out at a table nearby. A Dad sat across from his about one-year-old son, cell phone in [...]

  • Teach Children How to Say, “No!” Before Puberty

    It’s essential that children learn and trust they have absolute agency over their bodies – no matter who is seeking their affection.  Adults sometimes see one toddler hugging another and think, “Oh, isn’t that sweet!” but not all hugs are wanted, and no child should have to [...]

  • Are you expecting too much of your toddler?

    A parent recently asked me, ”How do I know if I’m expecting too much of my toddler?” My answer was, “If your toddler consistently fails to meet your expectations, she’s demonstrating that she’s not developmentally ready to meet them. In other words, you’re expecting too [...]

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